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Addressing the Disparity in the Management of Logic and Data that Compose Global Digital Knowledge

The principles of Open Source and its catalyzing agent, Git (hub), have given rise to worldwide collaboration, innovation and advancement of code at unprecedented speed. However, no equivalent agent exists for metadata. I view logic and metadata as equal constituents that compose digital knowledge. As such, I believe the realization of an open and decentralized metadata management infrastructure is necessary to achieve a version controlled, globally  curated metadata information space. Open metadata as an adjunct concept with Open Source would enable unfettered collaboration and curation of metadata which forms a strong basis for reproducibility in systems. 

Andrew Padilla, Owner of Datacequia

Andrew Padilla is the founder of Datacequia, a data engineering services company. Throughout his career, Andrew has maintained a passion for innovating cutting edge solutions for problem sets that reside within the interoperability to insight spectrum. Most recently, Andrew was the founding senior architect responsible for driving IBM Watson Health Imaging’s architecture that currently powers their cognitive solution offerings. The quest for enabling the visibility, availability, and usability of data has led Andrew to acquire interests and expertise in a number of supporting interests including data integration, metadata management, distributed computing, decentralized systems, protocols and privacy preserving data sharing among others. Andrew is currently focusing on the disparity that exists between the evolution of logic and metadata that comprises the fabric of our digital knowledge infrastructure. 

 Presbyterian Healthcare Services

Soyal Momin, VP, Chief Analytics Officer at Presbyterian Healthcare Services

Soyal Momin is the vice president of data and analytics at Presbyterian Healthcare Services (PHS). He oversees PHS’ Data and Analytics Initiative which includes five work streams – Analytics Organization, Information Management Governance, Enterprise Data Warehouse, Change Management and Value Creation Opportunities. The Data and Analytics Initiative is designed to support clinical, operational and financial reporting/analytics for health plan members and delivery-system patients. Soyal has over 16 years of informatics, research and value measurement experience in the payer, provider and Pharmacy Benefit Management (PBM) space. He holds a BS in Pharmacy, MS in Pharmaceutics, MBA in Marketing, and MS in Pharmacy Administration from the University of Rhode Island.

Data Empowered Energy Management

Modern energy and water optimization involves vast layered data sets from a wide range and quantity of meters, sensor and control points. In an increasingly complex energy landscape, where both legacy and emerging technologies coexist, innovation is a continuous requirement. Let’s discuss the intersection of energy, water and information technology to identify the challenges and consider the solutions.

Steve Kiziuk, President of Mountain Vector Energy

Steve Kiziuk started Mountain Vector Energy in 2012. Steve’s history runs through the U.S. Army, Applied Materials semiconductor, EnerNOC demand response, and an LED startup which all informed the beginning of Mountain Vector Energy. 

Mountain Vector Energy provides comprehensive Energy Management Services for commercial, industrial, healthcare, education and government clients.  We are a data company that delivers actionable energy intelligence for our customers. 

Using Big Data to Drive Resiliency in Healthcare

With Big Data piling up across every major industry, opportunities are being unlocked for individual organizations to begin embracing the core concepts of Resiliency so they can navigate into the next generation. Using healthcare as a case study and incorporating the key concepts of what it means to be Resilient, this presentation will discuss what it means for an organization to be Resilient, how Big Data and business intelligence are tantamount to navigating industry changes, and the most common barriers that lead to weak adoption of large data initiatives throughout an organization.

Angelica Bruhnke, Chief Executive Officer of Versatile MED Analytics

Angelica Bruhnke is the Chief Executive Officer at Versatile MED Analytics, a fast-growing healthcare analytics company, created with the mission to improve visibility, trust, collaboration, and patient care — through the sharing of information and ideas. 

Angelica brings a passion to put actionable analytics into the hands of healthcare leaders to drive clinical and financial improvements. Drawing on her education and experience in finance and advanced analytic tools, principles and methodologies, Angelica provides analytic strategy to enable clients to become data-driven organizations. Over the last 14 years, Angelica has brought a diverse perspective to various Senior positions held with large healthcare organizations such as Molina Healthcare, Health Care Services Corporation, Presbyterian Healthcare Services and 20+ hospitals across New Mexico. Angelica’s support across these organizations has ranged from providing data-driven opportunity identification, recommendations for implementing data-driven clinical and operational initiatives, implementing benchmarking used in gauging organizational performance, developing self-service programmatic solutions to manual processes and training users on utilizing enterprise-wide technical solutions. 

Angelica holds a Master of Science in Analytics with a concentration in Healthcare from Dakota State University and a Bachelor of Business Administration with a concentration in Finance from the University of New Mexico. 

Mackenzie Boli, Healthcare Director of RS21

Passionate about using data science to solve complex problems, Mackenzie Boli works with federal and state agencies, healthcare organizations, and nonprofits to leverage data and drive strategic action. As Director of Healthcare at RS21, a global data science and visualization company, Mackenzie develops insightful, intuitive technology solutions that position data as a key consideration in decision-making processes at every level of an organization. Mackenzie has conducted international research in the field of paleoclimatology and holds a B.S. in Natural Sciences and Mathematics from the University of Denver. 

Data Integration and Sharing in the Criminal Justice System: An Open Source Solution at the DA’s Office

At the 2nd Judicial District Attorney’s Office we are using Open Source tools to accomplish the traditional Extract Transform Load(ETL) Process. Using Linux, Nifi, Python, Elasticsearch, and Kibana, we are able to perform ETL for free. As we move forward, we are exploring the proposition that “ETL is Dead, Long Live Streams.” Traditional batch processing becomes difficult when data are large and in a real-time world it no longer seems appropriate. To prepare for the future, we are experimenting with Apache Kafka for real time data streams and hoping to move beyond APIs and Batch Processing. 

Paul Crickard, Chief Information Officer at the 2nd Judicial District Attorney's Office

Paul Crickard is the Chief Information Officer at the Second Judicial District Attorney’s Office where he works to implement technical solutions for the modernization of law. He oversees various projects relating to data integration, crime mapping and visualization, and application development. He holds a Masters Degree in Political Science from Utah State University. Paul is the author of Leaflet.js Essentials and Mastering Geospatial Analysis with Python. 


Building a Strong Foundation For Data Analysis

Do you know what is needed to start a data initiative?
What work is required to create the processes needed to collect data?
In this presentation you will learn the basics of the foundations of data collection and cleansing that is required before you can even get to the beginning stages of analysis.

Leslie Andrews, Database Architect at the City of Albuquerque

Leslie Andrews is an IT professional with a passion for making improvements that help people to do their jobs more efficiently.  She obtained her BBA with an MIS concentration from the Anderson School of Management at the University of New Mexico and has worked in the public sector for 15 years developing applications and databases.  She is currently the Database Architect for the Albuquerque Police Department.  She is a national speaker on Data Architecture, active in the SQL community, a 2019 Idera ACE, and on the Governing Board of Amy Biehl High School.