Monica Alvarez

Developer, 11 Online

CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap Screening

Saturday, September 23rd
11:00 AM – 2:00 PM
Kimo Theatre, 423 Central Ave SW, 87102

About Monica

Monica is a Developer for 11 Online. She is a UNM graduate with a background in social justice and community organizing. She never considered a career in tech until she heard the stories of some seriously smart women programmers. For the first time, she saw herself in people who were building fun and useful tools, and realized that the best way to encourage girls to code was to learn to code herself. She began coding in 2016, and that summer she enrolled as a student at CNM STEMulus Center’s Deep Dive Coding Bootcamp. Now she develops the web and teaches women and girls to code through Girl Develop It. She enjoys attending career fairs and events to spread the word that the STEM community stands to benefit greatly from the talent and experience that girls and women bring.