Mark Fidel

Co-Founder, Corporate Development at RiskSense

RiskSense co-founder Mark Fidel is responsible for advocating and growing RiskSense in the State of New Mexico, where RiskSense was founded and remains headquartered. He is also responsible for corporate development, including all company contracts and third-party partnerships, ensuring alignment within the market. Fidel is also a licensed New Mexico attorney, and brings more than 14 years’ experience in law and litigation. Fidel began his career selling commercial insurance, before holding a series of financial positions at the New Mexico Institute of Mining and Technology as well as Intel Corporation. Fidel was admitted to the New Mexico Bar in 2002 and became an associate at one of New Mexico’s largest law firms, Modrall Sperling, where he specialized in commercial litigation. Fidel is a former litigator, who founded Applied Records Management (ARM) in 2004. ARM is a records management and litigation support consulting firm.

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