Kris Hardy

President & Secure Systems Engineer, Albuquerque Software, LLC (ABQsoft)


“So you want to turn your product idea into an electronics prototype? Here’s how.”

11:00-11:50 Start IT

About Kris

Kris is a software and firmware engineer and cybersecurity researcher who lives the hacker ethos. His broad background includes a BS in Biochemstry from the US Air Force Academy, chemical R&D for the US Air Force, software engineer for big-data analysis and integration companies, firmware engineer for a scientific instruments manufacturer, ethical hacker, entrepreneur, occasional CAD designer, machinist and welder, and consultant to innovative businesses who are developing new products. He is pursuing his Master’s of Computer Science at Georgia Tech, and organizes three Albuquerque-based technology meetups: ABQpy (Python User’s Group), ABQagile (Agile Software Development) and DC505 (Cybersecurity).