John Mierzwa

Director, STEMulus Initiatives
Central New Mexico Community College

John was previously CEO & Founder of Deep Dive Coders, a web development and programming bootcamp in Albuquerque. Deep Dive Coders was acquired by Central New Mexico Community College in 2014 and now operates as Deep Dive Coding Bootcamp at the STEMulus Center. Previously John worked as VP, Sales & Operations for a $218M revenue company in Las Vegas, NV, as well as founder of a language services company and school in Las Vegas, and the founder of Startup New Mexico. He has recently started up Ingenuity Software Labs at the STEMulus Center, which gives recent graduates a chance to work as apprentices on real software contracts, working alongside experienced developers.

hireIT – Leveraging Universities to Grow Talent
11:00 – 11:50am