Jennifer Sinsabaugh

Center Director

New Mexico Manufacturing Extension Partnership

Jennifer Sinsabaugh is an authority on creating and implementing strategic initiatives that result in company growth. In her capacity as Center Director of New Mexico Manufacturing Extension Partnership (NM MEP), she builds long-term relationships and shepherds a solutions-oriented mission to build manufacturing in New Mexico. Her academic background and on-the-ground experience demonstrate the ability to analyze systems and processes, create efficiencies and seize opportunities for optimization that transform companies.

Jennifer earned a B.S. in chemical engineering and an M.B.A. in technology management from the University of New Mexico. Her awards are numerous, most recently being named Kirtland Air Force Base Honorary Commander in 2016.  Jennifer’s dedication to New Mexico and community businesses extends well beyond office hours; she is a project reviewer for economic development projects such as NMSBA, the Venture Acceleration Fund and Native American VAF, and she serves as an expert on panels at various business incubation events.

makeIT – NM MEP Assessment Tools for Strategic and Capital Planning

1:30 – 2:30 PM