Dr. Bill Goodman


Goodman Technologies, LLC

Dr. Bill Goodman is the President of Goodman Technologies LLC (GT) which provides Professional, Scientific, System Engineering, and Technical Services. GT provides Leading Edge and Value Added Solutions and Results Coaching that allows our customers to achieve their next Breakthrough! Our Multi-Disciplinary team of Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) from Industry and Academia uses a “Systems Engineering Point-of-View™” to arrive at Solutions that Manage, Mitigate and Balance Budgetary, Schedule and Technical Risks.

He has proven expertise in research and development, business planning, marketing, commercialization plans, customer negotiation, and financial and technical risk mitigation. Prior to consulting, he previously managed diverse engineering groups, including physicists, thermal and structural engineers, opto-mechanical engineers and information technology engineers.

Dr. Goodman’s expertise includes a Ph. D., Materials Science and Engineering, UCLA, 1995, M.S., Materials Science and Engineering, UCLA, 1991, B.S., Chemical Engineering, University of New Mexico, 1982 and CEUs in Optics, Nuclear Hardening, and Directed Energy


makeIT – Engineering Services and R&D Sector

10:00 – 10:50 AM