Barbara Waxer

Copyright & Finding Media Educator, Barbara Waxer


Copyright, Free Media, and Why Creative Commons is Your Best Disruption

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About Barbara

Barbara M. Waxer is an educator, author, and trainer. She provides copyright and media training in eLearning communities and teaches in the Media Arts and Film Departments at Santa Fe Community College. She is a dedicated Creative Commons enthusiast. Writing primarily for Cengage Learning and Pearson, she has authored over two dozen textbooks and eLearning products on copyright, finding and using media, writing for the web, and Adobe and Microsoft software. Her Cengage title, Internet Surf and Turf Revealed: The Essential Guide to Copyright, Fair Use, and Finding Media (with Marsha Baum), won the TEXTY Textbook Excellence Award and the New England Book Show Award. Barbara thrives when developing best practices for users and creators of digital content.